WAANO - Dolor.Gloria.Muerte / VINYL LP

WAANO - Dolor.Gloria.Muerte / VINYL LP

Blighttown Records are taking care of the Australian release of Spanish band Waano's debut ep - “Act 1: Pain. Glory. Death”

In terms of music, this EP is an amalgamation of the influences of the members of the band: death metal, trash, black metal, doom or metal core, paying special attention to achieving a very personal, more primitive and natural sound, typical of productions. of the 90s and moving away from today's extremely produced recordings.

Narratively, it is a timeless journey to hell and to the cruel and savage nature that brings you to life, engulfs you and takes it away from you. It is the soundtrack of a lost fragment in the darkest history of the human being, mud, raw meat and fatalistic consciousness.

“Act 1: Pain. Glory. Death” is available on 12 inch clear with black smoke vinyl

Batería, Guitarras y Bajo grabadas en 2017 por Machi en Golden Dildo Studios.
Voces grabadas en 2021 en Bomtrack Records por David F.Castro.
Mezclado y Masterizado por David Castro.
Intro compuesta por Julio Alberto y Juanfra Moral y mezclada por Juanfra Moral.